Whatever shoes you take with you for a trip to Serbia it will still feel like you are walking in slippers. because The feeling of comfort of SWEET HOME is so strong here
However sneakers as well to take them because the journey will be fascinating: mountains, lakes, thermal baths, wineries, forests, ancient monasteries, picnics, observation decks.
Serbia is the pearl of the Balkan region with a rich historical heritage, numerous cultural attractions and fabulous nature with stunning landscapes that create a feeling of genuine delight and harmony with the surrounding world.
amazing nature
Serbia is a country full of natural treasures. From the vast plains in the north to the high mountains in the south Serbia will constantly surprise you with a variety of landscapes and a wealth of flora and fauna. Many species of plants and animals that are almost extinct in other parts of Europe have found refuge in these parts.
and the observation deck of the Banjska stena located in the park are the hallmark of Serbia
TARA National park
Zlatibor is called Serbian Switzerland. People come here at any time of the year for a real pine forest, fresh air, mountain trails in summer and snow entertainment in winter.
The region with the longest cable car in the world and the Tornik ski resort attract thousands of skiers and tourists from all over the world every year.
food and wine
The national Serbian cuisine is one more reason that attracts thousands of tourists here every year
A vegetarian in Serbia will be sad, he will most likely have a stroke here because the main ingredient of any dish here is meat. There are no strict recommendations on the consumption of a particular type of meat, so on the shelves and in cafes you will find both chicken meat and mutton, beef and pork without restrictions.
Serbia's alcoholic traditions have been perfected over the centuries. Here either rakia or wine and liqueur are prepared in every house. Serbs produce excellent alcohol of almost any degree but you will not see drunks on the streets.
Local glasses for strong alcohol are called сhokanchichi and they look like beakers. This form is needed so that you can dance without spilling alcohol. Serbs love only coffee more than homemade alcoholic beverages.
Serbia is also famous for its many national cheeses. When you come to the market you don't even know which cheese to choose today! But the most famous Serbian cheese is kaymak. It can be served separately but more often as an addition to other dishes. To be honest I have never seen such a diverse and high-quality dairy products as in Serbia.
hundreds of balneological resorts with thermal springs
There are more than a thousand thermal springs, or baths, as they are called in Serbia, in this country, and they have been known since the time of the Roman Empire. Hot and cold, hydrogen sulfide and radon, wild and enclosed in five-star hotels — everyone will find a sauna to their liking.
Today villages and towns have formed around the springs which are real balneological resorts where you can improve your health and just relax. The most well-known and visited spas in Serbia are Vrnjačka Banja, Banja Koviljača, Bukovička Banja, Sokobanja and Vrdnik.
The architecture of Serbia has a long, rich and diverse history. The Romans left many traces of their six-century rule and in the Middle Ages architecture in Serbia was heavily dependent on Byzantine culture which is reflected in the appearance of the most churches and monasteries.
I should also mention the region of Vojvodina that for a long time was a part of Austria-Hungary and whose cities, like Novi Sad and Subotica, adopted Austrian architecture. The socialist influence on the buildings in the 20th century was not spared eithe — sometimes it seems that you are walking through some kind of Soviet town.